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| 2013-12-20
Until recently, and like most other schools in the country, the junior-elementary school in Šarišské Michaľany had segregated classrooms. Advanced classes were reserved for white students only, and remedial classes were for Roma — or ‘Gypsy’ — children. But last year, a federal court ruled that the segregation here violated Slovakia's anti-discrimination laws. It was a landmark ruling: both unprecedented and controversial. Now, for the first time in Slovakia’s history, a school is being forced to integrate Roma and non-Roma students.
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| 2013-12-19
Bratislava, Dec 17 (ČTK) — The Slovak prosecutor's office has ordered an investigation into the June police action in a Romany settlement in eastern Slovakia over what Romanies and NGOs call police brutality, spokeswoman Andrea Predajňová said today.
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Tlačová správa 
| 2013-12-19
Brussels, December 18 (PR) – “Regardless the fact that Roma women – approximately 6–8 million people – are Europe's most vulnerable group the gender aspect was either missing or addressed in an incidental and inconsistent way in the national Roma strategies. Via a set of policies indicated in my report, this situation has to be remedied” pointed out Lívia Járóka following the adoption of the report on the gender aspects of the European Framework of National Roma Inclusion Strategies. The document analyses the lessons of the Framework's initial phase and formulates specific recommendations to improve the situation of Roma women.
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| 2013-10-18

Vienna/Košice 18 October 2013 (RPA) – Human trafficking is the third largest criminal industry in the world, after the drug and arms trade. Its annual income is about $3 billion. The statistics states that up to 49 per cent of all victims end up in developed countries, especially in the United Kingdom. Human trafficking is one of the most serious phenomena at the present time. This is one of the reasons why 18 October was declared the EU Anti-Trafficking Day. It was introduced in 2007.

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| 2013-09-28
Winner of the Second Prize of the ERSTE Foundation Award for Social Integration 2011. The "Roma Press Agency" counters the negative reporting of Slovakia's Roma people.


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Tlačová správa 
| 2013-10-01
Košice – Oktober 1 (RPA) – About 25 children from the Lunik IX housing estate will have the opportunity to attend the kindergarten in the Hrebendova Street in Košice, Slovakia, in the school year 2013/14. The kindergarten fee for the parents amounting EUR 15 monthly per child will be paid by the Roma Media Center that will contribute up to EUR 3,200. The fee will be paid from the contributions collected at the Roma Charity Ball that took place in Košice in April 2013 on the occasion of the International Romani Day. At the Roma Charity Ball, there was an auction of paintings created by children from the kindergarten in the Lunik IX housing estate in collaboration with the painter Helmut Bistika. Twelve painting have been sold altogether, for EUR 5,200 that is about EUR 430 per painting.

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Tlačová správa 
| 2013-06-28
As representatives of those who participated in the conference organized by the European Commission, United Nations Development Program, and the World Bank entitled “From pilot projects to results”, which took place in parallel in Brussels and Moldava nad Bodvou on the 15th March 2013, we express our serious concern regarding the news of police brutality on inhabitants of the Roma settlement of Budulovská in Moldava nad Bodvou.
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| 2013-01-14
All’interno della fabbrica da quasi un anno si erano rifugiati 30 Rom romeni – tra cui pazienti cardiopatici e oncologici dell’ospedale San Salvatore, molte donne e 9 minori, compreso un bimbo di pochi mesi.
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Non-governmental organisations are invited to apply for the Award for Social Integration
Tlačová správa 
| 2012-09-07
Bratislava 7. September (PR) – ERSTE Foundation announces, for the fourth time, a new call for applications for the Award for Social Integration in 13 countries from Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo , Montenegro, Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic, and Slovenia. The non-profit organisations are invited to submit efficient, innovative and sustainable projects that have contributed to the social integration of one or more disadvantaged groups, such as ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, LGBT, people with addictions, children, elderly, women, homeless people, Roma, migrants, the poor, prisoners, refugees or returners.

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The Slovak Spectator 
| 2012-09-28
Ordinary People and Independent Personalities (OĽaNO) MP Peter Pollák will become the new government proxy for Roma communities as of October 1 following a government decision at a session held in Michalovce, eastern Slovakia, on Wednesday, September 26.
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